Tow Rig Package - 6.0 Powerstroke (2003-2007)

Tow Rig Package - 6.0 Powerstroke (2003-2007)

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Tow Rig Package - 6.0 Powerstroke (2003-2007)

Tow Rig Package - 6.0 Powerstroke (2003-2007)

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Not available for sale in the state of California, Click here to read Emissions Notice

6.0 Towing Package

    Features & Details:


    The 6.0 Powerstroke Tow Package is our flagship power pack for the 6.0. This pack will bring your trucks power levels up to par with next generation diesel trucks. The key here is the new KC Jetfire Stage 1 Turbo. This newly redesigned turbo allows for quicker spool up, more low end torque, and higher top end horsepower in every application.

    The WDI injectors feature a stock sized nozzle that will keep your EGT's in check better than the 30% versions, while the oversized 155cc barrels allow for an increase in low end power and fuel economy. These two items, combined with a 50 state legal SCT tune, will really bring your 6.0 to a new level making it the perfect setup for a daily driving and heavy towing pickup truck.

    Recommended Upgrades: 

    1. ARP 250 Head Studs
    2. AirDog II-5G Fuel System
    3. Odawgs Diesel S2R Intake Manifold
    4. 100% healthy fully functionally truck, no boost leaks, fuel issues, icp issues etc. 


    If you are looking for more power out of your daily or street truck that will tow on occasion, check out the KC 6.0 Street Performance Package!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Justin Carlson
    Kind of deceptive package

    Every description and photo has the programmer with the turbo and injectors but it is not included in the price. Seems it should have been with this price tag. Hence the misleading part. Other than that the turbo and injectors seem fine. I am still breaking in my newly built motor.

    Shipping was fast!

    Shipping was fast! I got the stage 1 10 blade for my 06 6.0 and wow what a difference. This paired with my tune is the perfect match with my 155/30 injectors, intake, and exhaust. My camper is 10k pounds loaded and I can jerk it through the mountains without even thinking about it. Very happy with the performance and it sounds awesome!

    Charlie James
    Towing Setup

    This has given my 6.0L new found power and life !

    Kevin w
    Great upgrade for my customer

    I installed this kit in one of my customers trucks he’s a licensed contractor that pulls a 14k dump trailer almost daily, after two weeks he called me up and said he’s gained about 1.5-2 mpg and has plenty of power on tap he forgets the trailer is there.