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KC Turbos Sponsorship Application

Thank you for contacting KC Turbos regarding your project vehicle. Please note that KC Turbos is not currently participating in monetary sponsorships of any kind. Any support provided would be limited to products and/or discount towards products that are manufactured by KC Turbos. We cannot support small events, individual sponsoring, or local activities including, but not limited to, prizes, product loans, or giveaways. Please fill out the application below in as much detail as possible to accurately portray your project. Incomplete submissions will NOT be considered. As you can imagine, we receive many sponsoring requests. Unfortunately, we cannot support all the fantastic projects, but you can help us find the right projects by completing this form to the best of your ability. We will review and reply to your application as quickly as possible. Thank you!

    Sponsorship Requirements:

  • 100k+ Followers across social media channels
  • 3 post per week per platform to keep channels active
  • Participation at events within region of sponsorship

    In exchange for product sponsorship, KC Turbos requires the following be provided once the product has been received and installed:*

  1. If KC Turbos agrees on sponsoring / partial-sponsoring, the sponsor must order the products no later than one (1) month after the written “sponsorship confirmation” from KC TURBOS.
  2. A written testimonial describing why the sponsee has chosen the KC TURBOS product(s) for his or her application within one (1) month of receipt of the KC TURBOS product(s).
  3. A minimum of one (1) native post per month on ALL relevant social media channels.
  4. A minimum of 4 photos to be provided to KC TURBOS for use in advertising, public relations efforts, or promotional use within one (1) months of receipt. Photos should include sponsee, sponsored vehicle, KC TURBOS Logo, product, etc. (Please fill out the attached release form).
  5. KC TURBOS also requires a minimum of 4 total photos to be provided to KC TURBOS for use in advertising, public relations efforts, or promotional use within one (1) months of receipt showing the vehicle engine bay “before” the KC TURBOS product is installed, “during” product installation, and “after” the KC TURBOS product is installed.
  6. At least one (1) decal to be placed on the exterior of the vehicle in a prominent location.
  7. Display product literature and / or signage, including the KC TURBOS logo, when appropriate at events.
  8. A minimum of 12 tagged monthly posts to be provided to the KC Turbos Facebook page, Instagram, Reels, Twitter, TikTok, and/or YouTube to be used in public relations efforts or other promotional use with the inclusion of “#kcturbos”.
    1. Posts will be made monthly over the course of 12 months, starting from the date of the agreement. Photos posted should include KC TURBOS Logo, product, etc. These posts will be made monthly over a 12-month period starting from the date the contract is signed, or, when the vehicle is revealed publicly; whichever occurs later. Additionally, if videos are created, they will be posted to KC Turbos YouTube channel.

  9. Sponsee agrees that the vehicle will not be displayed publicly, including, but not limited to, on TV, events, magazine articles, any form of print advertising, social media channels or other public forums with parts or stickers that show another aftermarket or racing turbo manufacturer’s logo.
  10. Sponsee agrees to mention KC TURBOS product(s) installed in the vehicle, by name. The “mention” will acknowledge the specific KC TURBOS product(s) as the turbo, balanced assembly, piping, etc. installed on the vehicle both verbally at events and written in text format on any relevant social media posts.
  11. Sponsee will provide KC TURBOS a written overview describing the vehicle in which the KC TURBOS product(s) will be used. The overview will include a description of all modifications, upgrades, and other descriptions of the vehicle the Sponsee deems relevant about the vehicle.
  12. The return services listed in this document must be documented by the sponsee no later than 12 months after the approval. A violation of this leads to the sponsoring recipient being charged with all costs of the sponsoring coverage based on the recommended retail price.
  13. Sponsee agrees that the vehicle will NOT be sold or leased to another party before the terms of this agreement can be executed.
  14. Sponsee is not allowed to alter the sponsored products. All changes need to be officially approved in written form by the KC TURBOS Marketing Department. Do not remove or modify the serial number tags or any brand identifying marks from the sponsored product(s). It is not possible to deliver in addition to the requirements laid out in this document.

*Terms subject to negotiation on approval of initial sponsorship application based on Sponsee's platform/follower base at KC Turbos discretion.*

Authorization and Release

In consideration for KC Turbos, its subsidiaries, distributors, or affiliates (only in conjunction with KC Turbos provided products) hereafter referred to as “KC”, providing products to the undersigned, the undersigned hereby agrees as follows:


Sponsee authorizes KC to use, at no cost, the items set forth below, at any time and in any manner desired by KC including, but not limited to, any advertising or marketing activities of KC as follows:

  1. Written testimonials or excerpts thereof, which are provided by Sponsee or its employees, representatives, and agents; photos, videos, media, slides, images, prints (or copies thereof) provided by the sponsor.
  2. Any photographs, videos, media, slides, images, prints (or copies thereof) which are provided by Sponsee.

In addition, Sponsee agrees and acknowledges that KC may use Sponsee's name as it appears in any of the items described in the preceding sentence. Sponsee agrees that KC may edit, alter, and/or enhance, electronically or otherwise, any photographs or other materials provided to KC. Sponsee further agrees that KC may use Sponsee's name in connection with any advertising or marketing efforts of KC in any manner not covered by the preceding sentence, provided that KC has obtained Sponsee's consent. Sponsee represents and warrants that any items which it makes available to KC pursuant to this paragraph shall not infringe or violate any person’s or party’s rights, including, without limitation, any copyright, trademark, publicity, or privacy rights.


Sponsee hereby releases, discharges, and holds KC harmless from any and all claims, counterclaims, actions, causes of action, liabilities, demands, rights, damages, costs, expenses, and controversies of every kind and description whatsoever, whether known or unknown, and whether in law or in equity, arising as a result of KC’s use of testimonials, photographs or the like, or use of Sponsee's name in accordance with the provisions in the preceding paragraph.