KC300x Stage 3 Turbo (66/73) - 7.3 Powerstroke (L99-03)

KC300x Stage 3 Turbo (66/73) - 7.3 Powerstroke (L99-03)

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1 Year

Unlimited Miles Limited Warranty

KC300x Stage 3 Turbo (66/73) - 7.3 Powerstroke (L99-03)

KC300x Stage 3 Turbo (66/73) - 7.3 Powerstroke (L99-03)

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Turbine Housing
Turbo Cover

Not available for sale in the state of California, Click here to read Emissions Notice

1 Year

Unlimited Miles Limited Warranty

KC300x Stage 3 L99

Gen 2

Supports: Up to 238cc/80% injectors

Features & Details:

  • 100% drop in turbo (no modifications required)
  • 66mm 7x7 SXE style compressor wheel with extended tip technology
  • 73mm SXE style turbine wheel
  • 4" ported compressor housing with drilled anti-surge for high flow
  • High Flow Non-EBPV outlet flange
  • Adjustable Wastegate Actuator for increased boost control
  • Upgraded 360 Thrust Journal Bearing Design
  • Comes with all gaskets and o-rings to install
  • Comes with new 4" intake boot


Improve your 7.3 Powerstroke engine's performance with the KC300x Stage 3 66/73 Gen 2 Turbo. This turbo features a 4" ported housing with drilled anti-surge for better flow, a 66mm 7x7 SXE style compressor wheel with extended tip technology, and a 73mm SXE style turbine wheel. The KC300x is a reliable journal bearing drop in turbo perfect for increasing your 7.3 Powerstroke's performance. 

This turbo will surprise you at how much it will wake up your 7.3! We have torture tested it for longevity, proven its capability on the dyno, and at the Race Track. The 1.0 A/R Housing is intended to cool your EGTs above 3000 RPMS, for dedicated tow rigs and daily drivers the .84 A/R Housing will provide a quicker spool and cooler EGT's below 3000 RPMs.

This turbo is not recommended for heavy towing. If you are looking for a turbo that can be used for heavy towing, but still are looking a large boost in performance, check out the L99 KC300x Stage 2.

**We Highly Recommend adding these products for best results:**

  1. Upgrading your Up-Pipes
  2. Upgrading EBPV Pedestal 
  3. Running a Hydra Programming Chip

**EXHAUST BRAKES:  We get asked a lot about exhaust brakes and if they work with our turbos.  We have found that some brands have clearance issues and might cause the brake to hinder performance, rub the turbine wheel, or cause other issues.  These brakes typically use some sort of flapper to close which causes extreme exhaust back pressure to aide in braking.  This can be hard on a turbo and motor and is not recommended.  It will be up to the customer to verify fitment and functionality.**


Click here for more information on the KC300x in Diesel World Magazine.

**These turbos come sand cast unless specifically requested. You can add a polished cover for an additional $250. Two week lead time on all polished covers**

**Our turbos are designed to fit directly in 7.3 equipped pick-up trucks. Although our turbos can drop into 7.3 equipped Vans, you will need to modify the turbo intake boot and down-pipe for proper fitment**

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Anthony Spositi
absolutely out done themselves

Finally got my KC stage 3 gen 3 and am absolutely impressed from the low down power to mid to high range KC turbos has absolutely out done themselves time and time again and I look forward to purchasing more from them in the near future thanks guys and keep it up!

chris sessions

I ordered a turbo/injector combo through Full Force Diesel when I reBUILT my motor and put a dual disk clutch on. It’s been years since I’ve driven the truck and now it’s a BEAST! I love watching the clouds clear up and feel/hear the turbo kick in again as I learn how to shift the gears in what is an entirely different truck. *Studded/Adrenaline HPOP/FRX/FASS/Stg2 Colt Cam/FFD 7.3 headers/4” exhaust/238cc 100%/KC300x Stage 3 66/73 1.0AR*

stage 3 (300232 1) with 1.0

I have roughly 1200 miles on a complete rebuild. (Bare block up). 1023tunes, FFD 238/80s,AIH delete, deleted pedastal, banks tubes and CAC, heads are fresh remans with compcam springs and shims, stage 2 coltcams camshaft, adrenaline hpop, airdog II dialed up to 67-68psi, sump mod, retained fuel bowl with filter delete, riffraff FRX and SS fuel lines, riffraff oil galley Xover,SS exh.manifolds, 4in turbo back axle dump.. i get about 5psi driving around and max 20psi when i put my foot in it. I was expecting more boost. Other than confirming no boost leaks and swapping the 1.0 for a .84 housing, I'm not sure how to bring my boost # up.. unless that's just the way this turbo was intended to opperate..? I do like the turbo, i think it's quality i thought i would get more performance or of it

Please reach out to us to help you with diagnostics, we have sent you over a email as well.

You have a issue that has not been pinpointed yet.

EMAIL - Sales@kcturbos.com

Mak Masanz
100% recommended

There product is unbelievable powerful/ reliable. All my turbos I’ve always went with kc stage 2 and stage 3 68mm. Phenomenal. They have taken my truck blowing up high temps and have still not broke. 100% recommended their products, plus fast shipping

Above and beyond

First impressions of the KC300X 66/73. 2000 F350 DRW ZF6. 4in downpipe/exhaust, bellowed up pipes, S&B intake, hydra chip

Install was pretty straight forward (only installed the turbo and pedestal) turbo came with all the parts needed to install ( I also purchased a EBV delete pedestal). I removed the old turbo and pedestal first while I was waiting on parts. Then put the turbo in a few days later. Overall I spent 5-6 hours working on it and it was my first time pulling the turbo. Everything lined up beautifully no huge bumps. The intake boot was a little tough to get on and lined up but that was expected.

Austin at KC turbos was a huge help and was always available to answer my questions and went above and beyond what is considered good customer service.

I want to preface this by saying I am not using recommended injectors for this size turbo, I am still using the stock until I upgrade to 238/80. Turbo really started to spool and build boost above 2000 RPM just cruising along I was holding about 5psi. When I really laid into the throttle it was building about 20psi around 2500 RPM. With the stock injectors I have lost some low end power but that was expected. 2500rpm 80mph EGT’s we’re around 900. Cruising around they were between 400-600, which should lower once I upgrade my injectors.

Overall I am extremely happy with the purchase as well as the quality and customer service from KC turbo.