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XDP Performance Valve Springs & Retainer Kit - 5.9L CUMMINS (1989-1998)

$ 399.95

Performance Valve Springs & Retainer Kit

Features & Details:

  • Conical Spring Design
  • Performance Valve Spring Kit
  • Safe To Operate Up To 5,000 RPM
  • Essential For Elevated Boost Levels
  • Complete Set (Springs, Locks, & Retainers)


Fortify the valvetrain in your 1989-1998 Dodge 5.9L Cummins when you install the XDP Performance Valve Springs & Retainer Kit XD389. Valve springs are a vital upgrade that are often ignored in many performance builds. The stock valve springs in your Cummins engine are not designed to handle the increased engine RPM or higher boost levels that are common in modified applications. Even typical upgrades like an exhaust brake, aftermarket turbocharger, fuel plate, and injectors can trigger valve float that may result in catastrophic engine damage. In addition, your valves can be pushed open by boost and drive pressure causing reversion. Reversion is when exhaust gasses flow back into the cylinder on the intake stroke, hindering your engine performance. These potential issues are the reason upgraded valve springs are essential on modified engines!

The XDP Performance Valve Springs & Retainer Kit XD389 features a conical design that offers improved valve control over a basic straight spring. The conical shape allows for a smaller and lighter weight spring retainer that is more robust due to the reduction in size. Unlike other aftermarket valve springs, the XD313 Valve Spring Kit can be used on a wide range of applications, from stock all the way up to race-built engines. This makes these springs a perfect option for a "one-and-done" upgrade that lets you upgrade your engine to support more power in the future. Each spring is subjected to a stress relief process and is computer load mapped to give a superior-quality product with long-term resilience. Tested within 1 lb of seat pressure, this valve spring & retainer set comes complete with locks, retainers, springs and supported by XDP's 1 year unlimited mileage warranty.