XDP Diesel Power Plus Fuel Additive

XDP Diesel Power Plus Fuel Additive

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XDP Diesel Power Plus Fuel Additive

XDP Diesel Power Plus Fuel Additive


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Diesel Power Plus Fuel Additive

Features & Details:

  • 5% Cetane Increase
  • Lubricates Fuel System
  • Totally Disperses Water
  • Improves Fuel Economy
  • Reduces Exhaust Smoke
  • Cleans Fuel Injection System
  • BioDiesel & ULSD Compatible
  • Helps Prevent Icing & Freeze-up
  • Tier 4 Engine Compliant & DPF Approved
  • Decarbonizes Nozzles & Combustion Chamber


Diesel fuels have changed but the problems associated with diesel fuel have not. XDP Diesel Power Plus is a special formula that is compatible with all grades of diesel fuel and designed for year-round use. XDP Diesel Power Plus contains cetane and lubricity additives to protect and enhance your engine's performance. This concentrated formula treats up to 500 gallons per bottle and will not harm exhaust after-treatment systems or Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF). When looking to disperse water, improve fuel economy, lubricity, and cetane in your fuel, be sure to use Diesel Power Plus.

The diesel fuel available at the pump is always changing in both additives and quality. One constant is the possibility for fuel to pick up water. Water in diesel fuel remains the number one fuel problem year-round. Water damages fuel injectors, scores pintles, creates gum and varnish, interferes with fuel combustion and harbors microbes and fungi. Diesel Power Plus contains the most effective combination of ingredients to absorb water from fuel. In addition to the removal of water, Diesel Power Plus features a corrosion inhibitor that helps protect the components in your fuel system from rust and corrosion.

The unique formula found in Diesel Power Plus prevents damage, wear, and premature fuel pump failure. Diesel Power Plus also helps improve combustion and fuel efficiency, stabilize fuel, and prevent sludge. All of these benefits in a unique formulation which contains no harmful alcohols to attack your gaskets and seals. With your fuel system functioning at its best, you can see an improvement in fuel efficiency. Now that low sulfur and ultra-low sulfur fuels account for the vast majority of diesel fuels, lubricity has suffered.


The national Cetane number average is 45, so the added cetane means your diesel operates more efficiently. Fuels with a higher cetane number have shorter ignition delays which provides more time for the fuel combustion process to be completed. Higher speed diesels operate more effectively with higher cetane number fuels.

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