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XDP Replacement High Output 220 AMP Alternator - 6.6L DURAMAX (2001-2007)

$ 299.95

Replacement High Output 220 AMP Alternator

Features & Details:

  • 220 AMP
  • Bolt-On Upgrade
  • 100% Brand New, No Core


Don't just replace the failing alternator in your 2001-2007 GM 6.6L Duramax, upgrade it with the XDP Direct Replacement High Output 220 AMP Alternator XD224. The XDP Direct Replacement Alternators are the perfect option for the Duramax owner that upgraded their truck and wants more than a remanufactured parts store unit.

Common performance upgrades like plows, on-board air systems, horn kits, and lighting upgrades can max out the capabilities of your charging system. The XD224 is designed to increase reliability and output of your charging system to alleviate the strain of aftermarket upgrades. With a 220 Amp output, this alternator almost doubles the factory output. This gives you the ability to get the most out of your charging system whether you're out plowing snow, or at an event showing off stereo system upgrades.

The XDP High Output 220 Amp Alternator is a direct bolt-on replacement and requires no modifications for installation. Each alternator comes pre-tested and is ready for installation.

Note: If used in a dual alternator application, the output wire must be upgraded.