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XDP 5R110 Modified Direct Clutch Solenoid - 6.0L/6.4L POWERSTROKE (2003-2010)

$ 129.95

5R110 Modified Direct Clutch Solenoid

Features & Details:

  • Built From Brand New Parts
  • Modified Direct Clutch Solenoid
  • For 5R110 Automatic Transmissions
  • Tested In-House On A Solx 2000 Solenoid Tester


Increase longevity and performance of the transmission in your 2003-2010 Ford 6.0L/6.4L Powerstroke with the XDP 5R110 Modified Direct Clutch Solenoid XD306. While the 5R110 is a very stout transmission, there are some flaws. When a gear is commanded, a solenoid applies fluid to the appropriate clutch. Under normal conditions and stock horsepower levels, the factory solenoid is sufficient. If any performance upgrades have been made, you will quickly max out the capabilities of the factory solenoid. This causes clutch slippage, and over time will lead to transmission failure.

The XDP 5R110 Modified Direct Clutch Solenoid provides more fluid, at a faster rate to keep up with your performance built truck. This not only extends the life of your transmission, it also provides you with crisp, firm shifts. The direct clutch is used in 5th gear and reverse. Don't be fooled by the others, XDP is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of the modified 5R110 Direct Clutch Solenoid. All solenoids are built from brand new parts and are tested in-house on a Solx 2000 Solenoid Tester.


Installation Note:

The included plastic cap must remain installed on the end of the solenoid or damage to the transmission can occur.

In some instances, aftermarket transmission tuning will not work with the XD306 due to the tuning commanding excessive line pressure.