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Opti-Lube StictionRx Oil Additive for 6.0 and 7.3 Powerstrokes: 16oz

$ 26.58

StictionRx 1st or 2nd Time Use Cleanup Treatment Rate:
Replace 32 ounces (1 Quart) of motor oil with Stiction Rx at Oil Change. (2 bottles)

StictionRx Regular Maintenance Treatment Rate:
Replace 16 ounces (1/2 quart) of motor oil with Stiction RX at Oil Change to maintain engine performance. (1 Bottle)

StictionRx is the best oil additive for Ford Powerstroke 6.0 and 7.3 Engines

Stiction Rx has been tried and tested to treat and eliminate what is known as "Stiction" in Diesel Fuel Injectors. This issue is common on the 6.0 and 7.3 Ford engines and is caused mainly by sticking spool valves and friction within the injector oiling chambers.

We based this blend on our very popular Oil Fortifier and upped the detergent package with Boron to further clean the top part of these injectors and other components like the oil cooler.

Non-Hazardous When Used As Directed. Stiction Rx sold as 16oz Bottle (see treatment rates for first use)