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Opti-Lube Pure Lube Competition Use Diesel Fuel Additive: 16oz Bottle

$ 12.24

Opti-Lube Pure Lube


Treat rate of Opti-Lube Pure Cetane and Pure Lube is left to user's discretion and at max should be mixed with no less than 5 Gallons of Diesel fuel.

Opti-Lube Pure Lube and Conditioner is the ultimate lubricity additive. Pure Lube and Conditioner is a highly concentrated and effective diesel fuel lubricity additive.

Add Opti-Lube Pure Lube and Conditioner to your diesel fuel to provide your fuel pump and injectors with the lubricity they need to attain their intended durability.

*Intended for competition use only.* For the ideal competition additive, combine Opti-Lube's Pure Lube and Pure Cetane.

Designed for use in Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD)