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Opti-Lube Oil Fortifier with ZDDP (Zinc): 1 Quart (32oz), Treats up to 32 Quarts of Oil

$ 22.21

Opti-Lube Oil Fortifier


Oil Fortifier w/ ZDDP First Time Use Treatment Rate: Minimum of 1 to 21 (1.5 ounce per quart)
-For 1 quart, use 1.5 oz or more
-For 5 quarts, use 8 oz or more
-For 10 quarts, use 16 oz or more
-For 12 quarts, use 19 oz or more
-For 20 quarts, use 32 oz or more

Oil Fortifier w/ ZDDP Standard Treatment Rate: Minimum of 1 to 32 (1 ounce per quart)
-For 1 quart, use 1 oz or more
-For 5 quarts, use 5 oz or more
-For 10 quarts, use 10 oz or more
-For 12 quarts, use 12 oz or more
-For 20 quarts, use 20 oz or more

While an internal combustion engine is operating, it naturally wears from metal-on-metal contact. Modern lubricants are designed to reduce this effect with chemical additives. However, the sad truth is that additives used in most lubricants aren’t very effective. Especially without the use of ZDDP (Zinc Dialkyl Dithio Phosphate). Opti-Lube’s ZDDP Oil Fortifier is a high-tech Lubricant Enhancer and is designed to be added to the lubricants you use now to reduce wear and extend the life of your engine.

With the help of Friction Modifiers that have continuously proven crucial for proper and complete lubrication, Opti-Lube’s ZDDP Oil Fortifier bonds to metal surfaces, filling in the abrasions from normal engine use to create a smooth surface for the metal parts to slide against.

The benefits you will see from using Opti-Lube’s ZDDP Oil Fortifier:

- REDUCED FRICTION & WEAR: In addition to reduced friction from better lubrication, detergents contained in Oil Fortifier will lower surface tension to aid in keeping contaminants in suspension and off of components that could be damaged by them.

- LOWERED OIL TEMPERATURES: Friction creates heat. Another result of better lubrication and reduced friction, is heat reduction. Many see lower oil operating temperatures which will help fight oil viscosity breakdown. 

- IMPROVED FUEL ECONOMY: Proper lubrication reduces energy loss created by friction.  Reduced friction and energy loss in oiled components like engines, hydraulic systems and gearboxes or even all three combined, allow your vehicle to run more efficiently. 

- ENHANCES ANY LUBRICATING OIL: Filtration remains unaffected as ZDDP Oil Fortifier does not contain any solid particles or alcohol as these may cause premature wear and damage to filtration systems. 

Flow is also unaffected at temperatures from -35° F and up to 500° F. 

Satisfied Customers Include: Power Plants, Railroads, Agriculture, Ships, Mining, Factories, Trucking, Companies, Manufacturing Facilities, Auto Fleets, Etc.

Typical Applications: Engines, Gear Boxes, Manual Transmissions, Compressors, Turbines, Hydraulic Systems, Pumps, Roller & Journal Bearings.


Warning: We do not recommend this product for vehicles with emissions devices such as catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters. The additive package in this oil will shorten the life of these devices.