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Opti-Lube Diesel Race Fuel for Competition Use, 5 Gallon Pail

$ 96.06

Opti-Lube Diesel Fuel


Opti-Lube Diesel Race Fuel is designed to ran by itself in competition built motors.

Opti-Lube Race Fuel is a pre-treated diesel race fuel designed for competition use. We first take a base diesel fuel that is already known for its quality an high Cetane numbers and test it to make sure it meets our rigid standards. We then polish the fuel in house with our proprietary filtering system to remove any impurities that may still be in the fuel. We then add exact amounts of our Opti-Lube Pure Cetane and Opti-Lube Pure Lube to guarantee you the highest Cetane allowed and the lubrication you need to keep your high dollar fuel pump, injectors and engine components running strong all season long.

Opti-Lube is committed to helping you reach any diesel fuel goal, and increased performance at the track or on the dyno is one of them.

Opti-Lube Race Fuel has been Dyno tested with an average result of 5% more HP over base fuel, using engines ranging from 750HP up to 1650HP.

It has been formulated to meet competition and racing sanction requirements.