Marty's Diesel E-Fuel Conversion - 7.3 Powerstroke (1994-1997)

Marty's Diesel E-Fuel Conversion - 7.3 Powerstroke (1994-1997)

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Marty's Diesel E-Fuel Conversion - 7.3 Powerstroke (1994-1997)

Marty's Diesel E-Fuel Conversion - 7.3 Powerstroke (1994-1997)

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E-Fuel Conversion Kit 

Features & Details:

  • Walbro GSL392 that will handle up to 250cc/100% injectors.
  • Selector valve fittings that allow you to seamlessly integrate our fuel system onto the factory selector valve.
  • Complete parker 801 push-lock hose. All kits include enough hose to fit a crew cab long bed pick-up truck.
  • A stainless steel, laser cut bracket with stainless steel hardware.
  • All ORB/JIC/Banjo connections for leak free operation/easy installation.
  • Every fitting needed to install the kit, plus extra’s. Complete fuel bowl delete, replaces all factory fuel system lines except the rear two.
  • Video login for full installation, selector valve line feed and return, wiring and bracket mounting.
  • Feeds rear of factory heads.
  • Factory rear fuel lines stay intact.
  • Turbo O-ring and new banjo washers included for leak free operation.
  • Hardware and clamps provided to hold fuel lines in place to keep from rubbing or breaking.
  • Extra fittings, padded p-clamps and hardware to use as needed.
  • Option of two different length filters. 7.5″ long CAT filters or 5.5″ long Napa filters.
  • Everything from the post pump filter base forward is the same as our complete kits, so upgrading is usually just a pump and pre-pump assembly upgrade..
  • Complete wiring harness utilizing;
    -10 ga. or 14 ga. power wire (depending on relay position).
    -30/40 amp relay.
    -20 Amp reset-able circuit breaker.
    -All 3m or weather pack terminal ends.


This complete Old Body Style Fuel Kit is essentially “electric fuel” for 1994-1997 7.3L PowerStrokes. This kit takes no short cuts on delivering the most complete setup on the market. From our seamless integration at the selector valve to the billet adapter we use to tie into the factory rear feed lines, this kit is second to none. You will not have to remove the OEM turbo to install this kit!



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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Clean Install

This kit provided everything and makes a factory look install. 10/10

Customer service

Just wanted to add a review about the customer service from the actual designer (Marty) of these e-fuel pumps. I was contacted by the owner who was very pleasant and helpful with making sure I understood what the kit came with and some pointers that he highlights in his instructions to better prepare for installing. I have not received the kit yet but from the way Marty contacts you (order Friday night- called me Monday afternoon) and explains to the buyer about the system I’m extremely excited to get it on my truck. On top of that he added some parts for me at the cost of his cost in order to make sure I have everything I need on top of spare parts incase I make a mistake setting or priming the pumps. I’m going to highly recommend this to anyone who wants a system like this but doesn’t fully understand them 10/10

Sean Maloney
Happy to have it

Ordered this and a few days passed with nothing so I called and told them and they got on it super fast and got my fuel system shipped right away, and then communicated back to me ASAP to let me know the details, very happy with there service and can’t wait till I need something else to buy because I’m going here and telling my friends about this also

Dylan camp
Customer service

Had problems with my truck on something other then kc turbos I and I was sure what I had going on so I pulled a full replace and install all new from a point that I know I won’t have a problem and in this mix is the hydra tuner I ordered from kc turbo I had no idea if it was ok or not I went threw power hungry to figure something out I ended up asking kc turbo if they would do a hydra chip swap I send them mine and they send me a new one that way I know that part is new I even have a new pcm being ship to me from a shop they recommended thank you for your help and letting me talk to your tech about my situation the customer service from before the Order asking questions to ordering and now I had a probe they helped me threw the problem thank you kc turbo