Edge EAS Competition Kit - Powerstroke, Cummins, Duramax (1994-2020)

Edge EAS Competition Kit - Powerstroke, Cummins, Duramax (1994-2020)

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Edge EAS Competition Kit - Powerstroke, Cummins, Duramax (1994-2020)

Edge EAS Competition Kit - Powerstroke, Cummins, Duramax (1994-2020)

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Kit Includes: 

  • EAS Starter Kit 
  • EAS EGT Probe 
  • EAS Universal 5 Volt 
  • EAS 0-100 PSig Pressure Sensor 
  • EAS -40F To 300F Temperature Sensor

Features & Details:

  • Fits Edge CS/CS2 & CTS/CTS2
  • Includes Multiple Sensors For Monitoring Vitals 


The Edge Products 98617 EAS Competition Kit is the perfect option for those enthusiasts that want to maximize the use of their Edge Insight. The EAS Compeition Kit gives you the ability to monitor EGTs and add an additional 0-100 PSIg boost and -40F to 300F temp sensors for ultimate control. This kit is designed for those truck owners who have upgraded turbo or turbo's and other mods ,where the stock sensors just aren't enough anymore. This kit is ideal for trucks participating in dyno competitions, sled pulls, and drag racing. 

The EAS EGT probe is a sensor that allows users to monitor critical Exhaust Gas Temperatures to ensure added power is not creating excessive heat which, in turn, can cause engine damage. This kit is ideal for the daily diesel driver or if you are towing then it's a must have! Towing can put a lot of strain on the truck and make it run hot. Don't be left on the side of the road with an overheated truck because you didn't watch your Exhaust Gas Temperatures with the Edge EAS EGT. 
The EAS 0-100 PSIg Boost Sensor is the perfect sensor for an aftermarket turbo that can build more boost than the stock MAP sensor can read. Simply install this sensor, use MyStyle to set up the sensor, and have the ability to see what kind of boost you can build. Or maybe you are trying to fine tune your truck and need to install a drive pressure sensor or fuel pressure sensor the Edge 0-100 PSIg sensor is your answer. 
The EAS Temperature Sensor is a -40F to 300F 1/8 NPT sensor that will allow you to monitor things like Transmission Temp., Differential/Axle Oil Temp., Oil Temp., Engine Coolant Temp., Air Intake Temp., Pre and Post Intercooler Temp., and many more. Another great solution for those with aftermarket accessories. 
Additionally, Edge Products has updated their Data Logging Software to now export all data logs into a CSV (Excel) file to save and compare runs, view, graph and improve tuning. To view CSV data log files, you must use MyStyle software or export it from MyStyle software. These new releases make the Insight CS2 and CTS2 the industry leader in digital gauge/data logging for any enthusiast! 
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