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Driven Diesel Upgraded Transmission Cooler - 6.7 POWERSTROKE (2011-2019)

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Tested in the Arizona Heat!

This is the same cooler that was tested in our 2017 F450 for thousands of miles, both heavily loaded and unloaded, driving at highway speeds and in stop-and-go traffic. Long gone are the 210°F+ (unloaded) and 240°F+ (loaded) temps. Hammering on the truck while pulling an 18,000#, 48' triple axle race trailer across the Arizona desert in August, the highest temperature we could manage was 220°F...and the temperature dropped noticeably as soon as we quit abusing the truck! Simply put, the temperature drops are fantastic!

This kit retains the OEM cooler, adding this liquid to air heat exchanger after the liquid to liquid unit. The cooler adds approximately 1-1.5 quarts of fluid capacity to the system. Installation will take the average DIYer 1-2 hours, depending on experience.

NOTE: Unless already modified, 2011-2016 Trucks have a thermal bypass valve in the transmission cooler passage in the valve body. This valve controls fluid flow to the cooler(s). With an unmodified valve body and our cooler, you may not see temperatures significantly below 200°F, as the valve will bypass the cooler if the fluid temperature drops too much. Our cooler and the thermal bypass valve together should result in temperatures hovering right around the opening temperature of the bypass valve. If you have a modified valve body or aftermarket transmission, and your builder has either modified or eliminated the thermal bypass valve, you will likely see even lower temperatures.

We are also offering a few helpful tools as options, as they make the installation much easier. Check them out below.