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CNC High Pressure Oil Pump (Stage 2) - 7.3 Powerstroke

$ 650.00
SKU 7.3-hpop-stage-2

Typically this pump will flow 30% more than a brand new Bosch 99.5-03 pump, which is plenty enough volume to sustain 250/100 hybrid injectors.

250/200's can be ran with this pump, but it is not a guarantee that it will keep up in a "hot/race" tune as there are variables between injector builders on how well they build them.

This pump is more recommended for 230-250cc hybrid injectors.  Anything larger will more than likely require a larger pump setup. 

  • Comes with a new gasket
  • All of our pumps are fitted with steel thread inserts to ensure the threads will not rip out
  • Upgraded internal for more flow
  • New Viton o-rings to reuse your existing fittings
  • Every pump is flow bench tested to assure you no DOA pumps.