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CNC Fabrication 4-Line Feed Fuel Line Kit - 7.3 POWERSTROKE (1994.5-1997)

$ 435.00
SKU 7.3-OBS-VMFK-BLA / PFAD-901-01-0351-QC

4-Line Feed Fuel Line Kit


This kit works great from stock 90cc/0 injectors to how ever large you want to run.  It is a kit that is for the DIY person wanting to convert their truck to an electric fuel pump system.  Pump, regulator, and filters will need to be purchased.  There are quite a few other shops that build quality fuel pump/filter/regulator kits that will work great with this fuel line kit.  All you need is some 1/2" 100 psi minimum fuel rated hose/line from the customer supplied pump assembly up to the fuel distribution block, and you're good to go.