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7.3 FULL FORCE INJECTORS - STAGE 2 - (180CC/80% - 180CC/100%)

$ 1,695.00
SKU fullforce-73-stage2-99-180cc-80-nocore

The difference in the stage 2 is the 80 or 100 percent over larger nozzles. The larger nozzle allows more fuel to exit the injector quicker into the combustion cycle which increases horsepower even further. The injector has a limited time to inject fuel into the cylinder for the combustion cycle. We measure this time in milliseconds. With a larger nozzle we can inject more fuel per millisecond into the cylinder for combustion, which creates more power. The downside to a larger nozzle is the extra fuel creates more heat and black smoke. So the larger the nozzle the more EGT's are created and the need for more air upgrades are needed.

In the 99-03 Powerstoke you will have to run a custom programmed chip to make the transition from split shot injection to the new single shot injection. Horsepower increases from 100-125 hp and mileage increase from the more efficient single shot design. The stock AD injector in the 99-03 will flow approximately 145cc of fuel but with with the split shot design 10cc of fuel is wasted in the pilot injection cycle. With that said, the effective flow rate of the AD stock injector is 135cc. We recommend the upgrade to 180cc in the 99-03 Superduty with the results of about 125 hp over a stock truck with a performance chip.

Each injector comes with a new nozzle, new *Tungsten coated plunger and barrel assembly, new springs, and as needed more internal wear parts are replaced if needed. Flow tested and matched down to a 1% variation at idle and wide open flow. New internal and external O-rings are installed.

Please note- a custom tuned chip is required to make these injectors work properly in your truck.

We recommend installing new glow plugs when installing injectors. Theses are easy to change at the same time as the injectors. However valve covers are reusable and should be fine unless the harness is damaged.

Shipping charges include a return label for your cores if you have not selected to send in cores first. If you have selected to send in cores first before your product ships it is the customers responsibility to ship cores in.

do not charge any other fees to repair your core injectors. Please note some of the other companies charge for bad parts on top of the advertised price and do not use new plungers and barrels or nozzles in their injectors. Injectors that have ran vegetable oil leave a damaging coating and will not be accepted as cores.

*Approximate HP of injectors with chip. Some injectors require more modifications to see this number.
  • Stage 1 up to 350hp
  • Stage 1.5 up to 380hp
  • Stage 2 up to 400hp
  • 205cc up to 425hp
  • 238cc up to 500hp
Recommended for this injector:
  • Moderate towing
  • Light towing
  • Fuel economy
  • Moderate Performance increase
  • Stock turbo/Slightly upgraded turbo/Complete turbo upgrade
  • Stock transmission/Moderate transmission upgrades