7.3 Full Force Injectors - Stage 1.5 - (160cc/30% - 180cc/30%)

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Brand: Full Force

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Full Force 7.3 Powerstroke Stage 1.5 injectors are very popular for towing and everyday driving with a little more power than the stage 1 and still keep low smoke levels. The stage 1.5 achieves more power with the larger nozzle but they are still a great choice for towing and without stress on the stock drivetrain. The power made is very noticeable in all driving conditions from off idle to full throttle. The Full Force 7.3 Stage 1.5 injectors features new 30% larger nozzle and plunger barrel assemblies for long life and predictable performance. The new single shot design is more efficient and requires a custom tuned chip to achieve the best performance. Power increases are up to 200 hp over a stock truck without any prior modifications. Fuel mileage may increase up to 1-2 mpg depending on driving style and driving conditions.

Horsepower Goals

  • 360hp - 160/30
  • 380hp - 180/30

Full Force Injectors feature:

  • New 30% Nozzles assemblies

  • New Plunger and Barrel assemblies

  • New internal springs

  • New internal and external o’ ring seals

  • Flow tested and matched to within 1% variation

  • Ready to install

  • Never charged core repair fees (excluding solenoid damage and vegetable oil fuel)

  • 18 Month unlimited mileage full coverage warranty

Stock injectors flow an effective rate of 135cc factoring in the inefficient split shot design. The best flow rate to choose depends on the conditions. For most the 180cc variant in the 1999-2003 is the best all around solution. Only choose the 160cc is more power isn’t the main goal or if your goal is the best possible fuel mileage and lowest smoke out is desired.

Choose the stage 1.5 for:

  • Heavy or moderate towing conditions

  • More fuel economy

  • Less smoke

  • Stock drivetrain and turbo

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