KC S300 Turbine Wheel (KC300x Style) - 7.3 Powerstroke (1994-2003)

KC S300 Turbine Wheel (KC300x Style) - 7.3 Powerstroke (1994-2003)

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KC S300 Turbine Wheel (KC300x Style) - 7.3 Powerstroke (1994-2003)

KC S300 Turbine Wheel (KC300x Style) - 7.3 Powerstroke (1994-2003)

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KC S300 Turbine Wheel

Features & Details:

  • Quicker Spool Up
  • 100% Drop In Ready
  • Lower EGTS
  • Larger Blades
  • Better Response
  • Component Balanced 


You will see the blades are larger, it captures more air and will spool much faster and is more efficient. This new wheel is based off of an s300-sxe style wheel. 
We have done extensive testing on these wheels for the past few year and have been a great success with testers and hundreds of customers. Our KC300x complete turbos are based on these wheels but in larger sizes.

**IMPORTANT: We do not recommend this on stock compressor wheels, this wheel will help the turbo to spool better and run harder... which can exaggerate the surge problem with the stock compressor wheels. It must be paired with a billet wheel.**

***The s300 turbine wheel does not fit the GTP38r dual ball bearing turbos.**

***Please note that there is no warranty on any DIY products***

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Awesome towing with 4+4 wheel

I have a '99.5 F350 CCLB 4X4 ZF6 original injectors .84 housing

I've done the normal recomended towing mods; Diamondeye 4" turbo back, H&H with Racor120, RR FRx, 6637, RR 4+4 billet wheel, traction bars, Helwig swaybars, TS6 with Gearhead tunes and even a spare chip with canned TS6 tunes. I also have an AEM water/meth kit thru the deleted AIH plug.

We tow a 12,400# 38.7' 5th wheel cross country every summer for years from OK to CA to visit inlaws stopping @ every National park on the way, Yellowstone & Carlsbad being "on the way"

I tow on grades and flats. I know my truck inside and out. I did my mods one item at a time to see it's effect on towing. I also have EGT, post filter fuel pressure, mechanical boost, and oil temp A pillar gauges and torque pro for monitoring.

So the turbine. It's awesome. Get it. It alone lowered my towing EGTs 200-350* depending on the tune and up to 500 when i turn on the water with a 500ml nozzle. I tried it with a 7+7 and it went back to stock EGTs changing just the wheel. I'm on FTE forum and most there that have this turbine don't pair more than a 5+5 wheel without having larger injectors. I can run hotter tunes than i use to towing. I can maintain 1100* without water with the +40hp tune uphill in 6th gear, or turn it to 80-100hp with water and touch 1200*

This isn't a real SXE T4 or it's results, but for the price it did more for towing than a billet wheel of the same price will. You will need to buy a turbo bearing kit to install this

Bruce Brinegar
Couldn't be happier

Great product, I am using this wheel along with a 1.0 housing and it helps my 10,000lb service truck run and drive down the road alot easier.

Couldn't be happier

I combined this wheel with a 1.0ar housing and the difference vs stock is night and day. I went from making barley16 lbs of boost to 30lbs on stock injectors

Benjamin Carter

Bought this for my 97 OBS along with upgrading the compressor wheel and deleting the EBPV and wow! The truck runs way cooler and the boost is instant! A really good buy if you plan on rebuilding the turbo!

Quicker picker upper

Builds boost about 350rpm sooner than the stock wheel .
I could not be happier with this.