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The heads start off as new heavy duty castings, thicker than original equipment, then they go through a meticulous inspection process prior to machining. They are machined to our exacting, proprietary specifications including our multi-angle valve seat profile (maximizes valve sealing and improve heat transfer away from the valves for long life), modified valve height to correct excessive lifter preload, and deeper valve recession to allow more piston to valve clearance. Our gapless O-ring system uses carefully developed wire placement and presses into the cylinder head for a rock solid fit. This winning O-ring setup survived Diesel Power Magazine’s DPC torture test, claiming victory in 2016 and 2017. The heads are then pressure tested to 60 psi, and filled with our high quality new valves, valve springs, retainers, locks, and seals. Valve spring pressure is tested and matched to individual valves for balanced and consistent open and closed spring pressure, then ports are vacuum tested to ensure proper valve sealing. We’ve developed these specifications over many years enhancing the 6.0 Powerstroke, many years in the racing industry, an abundance of track passes, hundreds of dyno pulls, and thousands of miles of extreme towing. After scouring the planet for all available options, we have worked hard to offer a 6.0 head we can be confident in, and as a bonus there is no core charge or return shipping as these cylinder heads are 100% brand new.


Cylinder Heads Feature:
  • Track tested, proprietary O-Ring setup.
  • 32 Tungsten Carbide hardened valve seat inserts to prevent cracking.
  • 32 press in iron matrix valve guides, honed to size for superior lubrication retention and ultimate longevity.
  • Upgraded heavy duty casting, thicker than OE.
  • Pressure tested and vacuum checked.
  • Blueprinted to proprietary valve-train geometry, to alter valve height and valve recession for maximum reliability and longevity.
  • New high quality valve springs, retainers, locks, valve stem seals, freeze plugs, glow plug sleeves and injector sleeves.
  • Valve spring pressure is tested and balanced ensure consistent spring pressure across all valves.

Heads DO NOT come with head gaskets.  We recommend OEM, Fel Pro, and Black Diamond.  DO NOT USE BLACK ONYX

No core charge or return shipping as cylinder heads are 100% new.
There can be a 1-4 business day lead time before shipping.

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