KC38r Stage 3 Dual Ball Bearing Turbo - 7.3 Powerstroke (L99-2003)

KC38r Stage 3 Dual Ball Bearing Turbo - 7.3 Powerstroke (L99-2003)

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KC38r Stage 3 Dual Ball Bearing Turbo - 7.3 Powerstroke (L99-2003)

KC38r Stage 3 Dual Ball Bearing Turbo - 7.3 Powerstroke (L99-2003)

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Turbine A/R

Not available for sale in the state of California, Click here to read Emissions Notice

KC38r Stage 3 (66/73)

Gen 2 Dual Ball Bearing Turbo 

Supports: Up to 238cc/80% injectors


Features & Details:

  • Upgraded Gen 2 Dual Ball Bearing Center Housing
  • 100% drop in turbo (no modifications required)
  • 66mm 7x7 SXE style Gen 2 compressor wheel with extended tip technology
  • 73mm SXE style Gen 2 turbine wheel
  • 4" ported compressor housing with drilled anti-surge for high flow
  • High Flow Non-EBPV outlet flange
  • Adjustable Wastegate Actuator for increased boost control
  • Comes with all gaskets and o-rings to install
  • Comes with new 4" intake boot


That’s right, the Original KC38r is back and better than ever! We have spent several years on research and development modifying and battle testing our original ball bearings so that we could bring you the best and most reliable ball bearing design KC Turbos has ever produced.

The new KC38r compressor wheel is drastically different, it is a larger 7x7 KC300x Gen 2 compressor wheel. This newly redesigned compressor wheel is based on the 366SX-E compressor wheel and shares a similar blade profile except it is reverse rotation.

The Turbine Wheel also takes design notes from the 366SX-E but its larger diameter offers more flow and increased strength through the introduction of thicker blades, a thicker hub, and a thicker rear webbing making it much less prone to fatigue and wheel burst. The redesigned dual ball bearing center housing has been modified to accept the turbine’s increased shaft thickness from a 6.4mm on the original to 7.5mm for increased strength and longevity. 

This dual ball bearing turbo will surprise you at how much it will wake up your 7.3! We have torture tested it for longevity, proven its capability on the dyno, and at the Race Track. For dedicated tow rigs and daily drivers, the .84 A/R Housing provides a quicker spool and cooler EGT's below 3000 RPMs.

**We Highly Recommend adding these products for best results:**

  1. Upgrading your Up-Pipes
  2. Upgrading EBPV Pedestal 
  3. Running a Hydra Programming Chip

EXHAUST BRAKES:  We get asked a lot about exhaust brakes and if they work with our turbos, these will retain the OEM feature if the vehicles calibration allows and is setup for it. We have found that some brands have clearance issues and might cause the brake to hinder performance, rub the turbine wheel, or cause other issues.  These brakes typically use some sort of flapper to close which causes extreme exhaust back pressure to aide in braking.  This can be hard on a turbo and motor and is not recommended. 

**Our turbos are designed to fit directly in 7.3 equipped pick-up trucks. Although our turbos can drop into 7.3 equipped Vans, you will need to modify the turbo intake boot and down-pipe for proper fitment**

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Matthew Schutt
did not disappoint

Great quality and performance out of my new Stage 3 Tiger Turbo for my 7.3 did not disappoint at all! Thanks KC Team!!!

Brigg Randle
More power than i expect!

I was not sure what to expect to get out of my old 7.3. I used to tow with her a lot, but now its just a daily driver. I put in a fresh set of injectors and this here turbo and let me tell ya, i am impressed! It moves out and is a lot of fun now.

Forrest bent

Installed this here 38r in the old 7.3! Love every dollar spent on her. Spools good, sounds good, performs good! Recommend to anyone with a 7.3 I have it on stock injectors and she works just fine with my zf6

Perfect drop in turbo

Put this in my 01 along with 180/30 injectors and a big improvement over just having my hydra with stock injectors and stock turbo they should’ve ran like this from the factory!!

Amazing turbo

With stock injectors and 37’s, it screams! One of my favorite upgrades so far! Highly recommend kc turbos. Fast, and easy!