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6.4 Performance Parts

  • $ 265.00

    Kill Devil Diesel Performance Push Rods - 6.0 & 6.4 Powerstroke (2003-2010)

    KDD Upgraded Push Rods Description: Upgrade the pushrods in your 6.0 with a set of KDD's track proven one piece chromoly pushrods.  We use these ...

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  • In Stock

    $ 224.00

    OEM Mahle Lifters - 7.3, 6.0, 6.4 POWERSTROKE (1994 - 2010)

    The MAHLE valve lifters is a direct OEM Replacement for any 1994 - 2010 Ford POWERSTROKE. Anytime you re-build your engine it is highly recomened t...

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  • Sold out
    from $ 700.00

    Odawgs Diesel S3r Intake Manifold - 6.4 POWERSTROKE (2008-2010)

    The 6.4L Power Stroke is known for having air restrictions that can seriously limit it’s power potential. Upgrading the turbo’s is a great first s...

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  • from $ 2,300.00

    Kill Devil Diesel O-Ringed Cylinder Head Set - 6.4 POWERSTROKE (2008-2010)

    KDD O-Ringed Cylinder Heads Features & Details: Track tested, proprietary O-Ring setup. 32 Tungsten Carbide hardened valve seat inserts to ...

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  • from $ 1,000.00

    KDD Cam Complete Upgrade Kit - 6.0/6.4 POWERSTROKE (2003-2010)

     KDD Complete Cam Kit Features & Details: Billet Stage 1 or 2 Cam New OEM Lifters New OEM Lifter Guides ARP Crank Hub Bolts Description:  Al...

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  • from $ 425.00

    KDD Performance Valve Springs - 6.0/6.4 POWERSTROKE

    Stock Plus (Stage 1/Standard)      For a mild bump over used factory springs, we use these quality USA made valve springs as the standard spring f...

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  • from $ 3,150.00

    Wagler Connecting Rods - 6.4 POWERSTOKE (2008-2010)

    Connecting Rods Description: For the ultimate in strength, add a set of Wagler rods made for KDD to your build. We recommend these for any engine m...

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  • $ 99.00

    No Limit Passenger Coolant Line Fix - 6.4 POWERSTROKE (2008-2010)

    NO LIMIT PASSENGER COOLANT LINE FIX Features & Details: Easy Install Preventative Repair  Metal Flange Description   The No Limit 6.4 Power...

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  • from $ 400.00

    No Limit Cold Side Kit- 6.4 POWERSTROKE (2008-2010)

    No Limit Cold Side Kit Features & Details: Stainless steel Includes 6 layer premium boot High grade 304 stainless thick wall  Bolt on Raw Des...

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