How To Test Your Diesel Truck For Boost Leaks And Exhaust Leaks?

Exhaust leaks are a big problem.  Bigger turbos will usually make leaks worse.  Check the y-pipe bellows and the y-pipe to turbo connection.  Those are very common.  An easy way to check it would be to have someone stick the truck in drive, hold the brake, and give it some gas.  Push the pedal as hard as you can without causing the truck to move.  Look for any smoke coming out from behind the turbo.  If you see any smoke then you need to find and fix the leak.  It is best to be running a race tune and just MASH the throttle, then when the tire are about to spin let off and try again.  You want to produce black smoke if possible because it is easier to see.

Boost leaks are also a big problem.  The most common areas are the boots on the charge pipe, plastic ends on the intercooler, and the plastic hot side charge pipe on the drivers side.  If you have a plastic charge pipe on your drivers side then replace it ASAP.  They will not hold up under high boost.  We recommend pressurizing the intake to test for leaks.  Pressurize through the turbo inlet up to about 20-25psi and listen for leaks.


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