7.3 Powerstroke Big Turbo VS Small Turbo - Which Is Better?

This 7.3 Powerstroke had 350/200s on it but still rocking a single hpop while waiting for his duals to get repaired so he had to run a 3.0ms tune. So the top end is WAY down.

We had a 1999 with 238/80s and s364.5sxe the same day. So it was pretty interesting to see the differences.

From the dyno graph you can see the s364.5 spools about 400rpms sooner, makes more peak torque, and actually more horsepower, but you can see where the s364.5 starts dying off around 2500rpms and horsepower is all downhill from there.

The sxe472/87/.90 is much laggier on the bottom end. At 2200rpms we are talking about a loss of 400 ft/lbs of torque. But the really cool thing is that power just keeps climbing all the way to redline, which is exactly what you would want in a drag race application. But for daily driving its not ideal because of how late the power comes on.

With more fuel it obviously would have made a lot more top end power. But this is great to show the spooling characteristics of each setup.

kc turbos 7.3 powerstroke dino test

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These turbos are very well made, excellent customer service and easy drop in install. Power gains were awesome and the 10 blade sounds great.

Patrick Frost

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