7.3 Powerstroke 238cc/80 t4 s364.5 Dyno - How Does It Perform?

The 238/80 and s364.5 truck is a little smokier and harder to tow with, he had to be much more careful with EGTs and throttle position with towing, but did have more towing power over the 205/30 but had to be more careful with it. That was after many email tune revisions. We were luck enough to have Andrew Arthur (the best kept secret in 7.3 tuning). He was able to live tune the truck and pull a lot of fuel out of it and got it to run much cleaner but did lose a little power.

We do have a dyno graph from before the live tuning. Here is an all out race tune vs tow tune with 238/80 and s364.5

kc turbos 7.3 powerstroke dino test
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