6.0 Intercooler Upgrade on a 7.3

 Want to upgrade your 7.3L intercooler to a 6.0L or upgraded KC unit ?!

Parts list:
KC Upgraded 6.0L intercooler 

3x3x8" boot

3x3.25x8"  boot ---- (3" intercooler boot clamp (to replace the old 3.25" clamp that will no longer fit on the driver's side).

For the install, remove the top radiator support bolts, loosen the coolant overflow bowl and just move it to a spot out of the way (you don't need to take it out. Tilt the radiator towards the engine and unbolt and remove the intercooler. It's a tight fit, but the new one will slide in. Bolt it up with the same mounting hardware used on the old intercooler, and that's it. 


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