6.0L Powerstroke VGT Turbo Rebuild Instructions


1. Using paint or a scribe, mark the turbine clamp and turbine housing to ensure they get installed in the same place at assembly. (Fig 1)

2. Using a 14mm Deep socket, loosen the turbine side V-band clamp. It may be required to remove the nut fully from the clamp to get it to disengage from the turbine housing flange. The V-band can be slid off the housing and left loose until the turbine housing is removed.

3. Separate the turbine housing by inserting a putty knife into the groove. You may need to work it around tapping it with a hammer to break the housing free. Applying PB Blaster® is also helpful in freeing up the housing. (Fig 2)

4. Once the housing is loose, make sure the turbo is placed on the bench with the turbine housing down. This will help keep the Unison Ring and Vanes together in the housing.

5. Remove the turbo charger assy. off of the turbine housing being careful of the turbine wheel fins.

6. Mark the turbine housing with a scribe or paint mark where the unison ring crank pin sits (oval slot in Unison Ring). This will allow you to index the Unison Ring during reassembly. (Fig 3)

7. Remove the Unison Ring from the turbine housing and place to the side.

8. Remove the vanes from the turbine housing and place to the side.

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