6.0 Powerstroke RC/LB Build- 330/150 T4 S369

We love watching customers build their dreams, especially when they come together so well. Eric Borgen has spent the last year building this truck on a budget, but wanted to do it right. Only thing he has left is a built transmission, but he wanted to see how long and how far he could push the stock 5r trans.

2006 f250 rclb 4x4 (he did the 4x4 swap himself)

He has the fuel dialed back for now until he builds the transmission. Truck runs consistent 12.1s in the 1/4 mile and looks cleaner than a stock truck. He plans to turn it up and shoot for 10s once he gets a trans. Might use a little spray.

We had him on the Dyno yesterday and ran 3 different tunes from Chris Buhidar at Truck Source Diesel & Off-Road

1.6ms -620hp 1020tq (current track tune)
1.9ms -675hp 1119tq
2.4ms -742hp 1215tq


Stock everything else

Truck runs amazing. Spools very well, faster than most s364.5 setups we have ran. Almost as fast as a typical s2 vgt setup. We think it is a great combo of the TSD tuning and new s2 cam from Jared Alderson with Kill Devil Diesel.

We are excited to be working with Eric to test some new s300sxe turbo upgrades we have planned.

kc turbos powerstroke
kc turbos powerstroke

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