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XDP Universal - Fuel Tank Sump - One Hole Design (Special Polished Edition)

$ 195.95

Fuel Tank Sump - One Hole Design

Features & Details:

  • Built-In Return
  • No Tank Drop-In Installation
  • Special Edition Polished Finish
  • Stand Pipe Separates Return Fuel & Feed
  • Made From Aircraft Grade T6 Billet Aluminum
  • Works Great With Stock & Aftermarket Fuel Tanks
  • Made In The USA!


The XDP Fuel Tank Sump with Built-In Fuel Return XD379 allows you to maximize your fuel delivery and gives you the option to customize your aftermarket fuel system. The XD379 features a one-hole design that only requires a single 3" hole for installation and helps prevent the "1/4 tank" issues that are common with fuel systems like AirDog, FASS, and many others. Each Fuel Tank Sump is specially designed with a machined groove for an o-ring gasket to ensure a leak-free seal. For an easy installation, the inner-ring fits into the bottom of the tank from the single 3" hole. This eliminates the need to remove the fuel tank from your truck making this a no tank-drop installation.

This Special Edition XDP Sump features a highly polished design to add a custom look under your truck. The built-in return also makes it easier to install an aftermarket fuel system that requires you to cut into the factory fuel filler neck. When cutting and modifying your filler neck you can run into leaks and sometimes this causes fuel pumps to "click off" when refueling. The XD379 comes with a built in return port so you can easily return fuel back into your tank without having to modify your fuel filler neck. For optimal fuel quality this sump features a stand pipe that places the returned fuel above the fuel feed which helps eliminate the possibility of giving your engine the aerated return fuel coming back to your tank. This kit includes all necessary components and 1/2" barbed fittings to connect to your existing fuel feed and return hoses.

Note: Not recommended for off-road applications or for vehicles with potential ground clearance issues. Extra care must be taken to ensure that fuel tank is free of debris after drilling.