XDP Additive Pop Display (Fully Stocked) - UNIVERSAL

XDP Additive Pop Display (Fully Stocked) - UNIVERSAL

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XDP Additive Pop Display (Fully Stocked) - UNIVERSAL

XDP Additive Pop Display (Fully Stocked) - UNIVERSAL


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XDP Additive Pop Display (Fully Stocked) - UNIVERSAL

Features & Details:

  • Comes Fully Stocked
  • Point-Of-Purchase Display
  • Great For Shop & Countertop Display
  • (5) XDP Diesel Power Plus - 16 oz. Bottles
  • (5) XDP Polar-D Winter Formula - 16 oz. Bottles
  • (8) XDP X-TRA Cool High-Performance Coolant Additive - 16 oz. Bottles
  • (12) XDP X-Factor High-Performance Oil Additive - 8 oz. Bottles


Add the XDP Fuel & Oil Additive POP Display (Fully Stocked) XD378 to your shop counter as a convenient up-sell, conversation piece, and an organized way to display XDP Diesel Fuel Additive, XDP X-TRA Cool Radiator Additive, and X-Factor Oil Additive! Each display package includes a black cardboard display and a fully stocked inventory of XDP's Fuel, Oil, and Coolant Additives.

XDP Diesel Power Plus:

XDP's all-in-one fuel additive is a specially formulated concentrate that is great for year-round use. Diesel Power Plus is a complete fuel system treatment that disperses water, cleans your fuel injection system, controls icing and freeze-up, improves fuel economy, and increases your cetane rating.

XDP Polar-D:

XDP's winter formula is specially designed for cold weather conditions and prevents fuel problems related to winter operations. Polar-D prevents waxing and gelling while also enhancing the lubricity quality of your fuel. Polar-D also uses wax modifiers and water-converting agents to prevent formation of ice crystals which protects freeze up and filter plugging.

X-TRA Cool High-Performance Coolant Additive:

X-TRA Cool Coolant Additive is designed to enhance the performance of your cooling system. Formulated to maximize the thermal transfer properties of your coolant, the X-TRA Cool Additive reduces coolant temps and helps to prevent build-up and corrosion. Compatible with all cooling systems and coolant types.

X-Factor Hogh-Performance Oil Additive:

X-Factor is designed to reduce wear in your engine. A 100% synthetic friction reducer, X-Factor also reduces noise, vibration, improves engine efficiency, and protects surfaces from corrosion and sludge. X-Factor is intended for use on on both diesel and gasoline engines using synthetic and conventional oils.

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