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Warren Diesel Billet Competition Transmission 6R140 - 6.7 POWERSTROKE (2011-2019)

$ 7,750.00

Billet Competition 6R140

Features & Details:

The Warren Diesel Billet Competition Transmission Build for Ford Power Stroke 6R140 is warrantied to 1000+ RWHP, and includes the following:

  • Quad Disc Billet Torque Converter
  • New Ford Pump
  • New Performance Valve Body
  • Xtreme Exedy Clutches used in the following:
  • 10-pack overdrive input drum
  • 7-pack intermediate
  • 6-pack direct
  • 6-pack forward
  • 5-pack low/reverse
  • Machined/Re-bushed Center Support
  • 1-year Unlimited Warranty
  • 4-year Labor Warranty


**There will be a shipping fee for delivery and core pick up. All Transmissions will have a general lead time 1-2 months**