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KC Turbos - French Terry Hoodie (Blue)

$ 35.00
SKU 300743
Financing Available

Look good and feel even better with this French Terry Next level Hoodie! If you thought your girl stole your last hoodie fast, then you had better order her one of these bad bays also! These are a light weight hoodie designed to keep you warm but not weigh you down!

Picture this: The Very Soft ultra plush fabric literally hugs you and tells you that everything is going to be alright. Then Bob Marley starts to play, and a food truck rolls up and then hands you a corn dog and asks if you would like a hot chocolate with that? Of course I want a hot chocolate, you don't even have to ask! Perfect temperature hot chocolate is now caressing your insides while this french terry plush hoodie warms your outside. Your day is now complete. You are happy you made the purchase. Comes in two colors.

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