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Powerstroke Stage 2 DIY Kit - 6.0 Powerstroke (2003-2007)

by XDP
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$ 725.00
SKU kc-6-0-stage2-diy-turbo-03

Build your own KC stage 2 with this “do it yourself” kit. Kit includes 64x88mm single plane billet wheel with extended tips, .72ar race compressor cover, new backing plate, 360 upgraded rebuild kit, all bolts and hardware to install. This kit is not made for the average Joe who wants to save money on a turbo. It is made for the DIY enthusiast and shops who want to build their own turbo. THERE IS NO WARRANTY on your turbo. We only warranty manufacturing defects. It is up to you to check all clearances, tolerances, and perform a proper rebuild. (you can have any year turbo to use this kit)

NOTE: The 2003 stage 2 kit is cheaper because you re-use your stock 10 blade turbine wheel.  The 2004-2007 kits will get a brand new drop in 10 blade turbine wheel, that is why the 2004-2007 kits are more expensive.

Some will notice that the cover style has changed.  This was to differentiate between our complete turbos. This is still a great cover, it just does not have the drilled hole surge ring.
We often get asked if this is just as good as our turbos.  Although it shares similar parts with our complete turbos, there is not way to offer the EXACT same parts as our complete turbos without some machine work. SO we made these kits to be 100% drop in.  No modifications require... but that makes them slightly different than our complete turbos.  These are great kits, but our complete turbos will outperform the DIY kit option every time.

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