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XDP CP4 Bypass Kit - 6.7 POWERSTROKE (2011-2019)

$ 349.95

CP4 Bypass Kit


Unfortunately, the factory injection pump in your 6.7 Powerstroke is known to fail. To make matters worse, when it does fail, it sends shrapnel through the rest of your fuel system, also destroying everything in its path. Protect your investment with this bypass kit that will at least save the rest of the system in the event of a failure. Call it cheap insurance or a good investment.

XDP's Bypass Kit includes a specially machined adapter plate and high-quality hose to re-route the fuel that lubricates the CP4 pump. So when your CP4 pump does fail, the contaminated fuel goes back to the fuel tank, and is forced through both fuel filters before entering your high pressure fuel system. This traps the metal particles and debris in your fuel filters, and not in vital fuel system components like your injectors, or fuel rails. Consider it preventative maintenance, spending a little bit now, can save you a lot in the long run.