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Alliant Water Pump - 6.0 POWERSTROKE

by XDP
$ 137.08

Alliant does OEM manufacturing the right way -- by improving common points of failure and using high quality materials while staying loyal to the original tried-and-true design. The factory water pump in the 2004-2007 Super Duty only has one fatal flaw: its cheap plastic impeller is prone to slipping and breaking over time. This is why Alliant incorporates a durable steel impeller to drastically minimize these issues and extend life. This OEM replacement power water pump is a solid investment as a replacement for a failed unit, and as a precautionary measure for avoiding future headache caused by a failing component.

100mm Water Pump

The factory water pump in 2003 and some earlier 2004 models included a 90mm impeller that proved to be an inefficient design and ended up being replaced by a larger 100mm impeller, a design note Alliant also incorporates into its power water pump. The larger impeller increases coolant flow in order to offset higher engine heat rejection. The Alliant OE Power Water Pump is the most efficiently designed OE water pump available for the price on the market.

Easy Installation

Not only is the factory power water pump assembly in the 2004-2007 Super Duty relatively simple, Alliant also designed this replacement pump as a drop-in replacement of your factory assembly, ensuring a painless installation process. A mounting gasket is also included for complete installation.

Fitment: 2004.5 (built after 7/20/2004) - 2007 F250 / F350 / F450 / F550

Note on fitment: It is possible to install this 100mm water pump on a 2003 or early 2004 Super Duty with the smaller 90mm assembly, however professional installation is highly recommended as you will need to replace the entire front cover assembly.