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HE351VE Turbo with Holset VGT (Remanufactured) - 6.7 CUMMINS (2013-2018)

$ 1,560.00

HE351VE Turbo with Holset VGT

** Core Credit Acknowledgement** Core's are required to be 2015-2019 turbo's in good working condition to receive the full $800 credit, we reserve the right to credit back less based on our inspection upon arrival (we do not accept Cab and Chasis Turbos as Cores) 

Features & Details:

  • Genuine Holset VGT actuator
  • 100% drop in ready
  • Ideal for Towing
  • Casted Compressor wheel 
  • Lower EGT's
  • Turbo works with 2013- 2018 trucks 



This is a Remanufactured OEM replacement turbocharger with a cast stock compressor wheel. This turbo is ideal for towing setups. 


**$400.00 Core Charge**