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CNCFAB Replacement HPOP Lines w/ Crossover - 7.3 Powerstroke (L99-03)

$ 175.00
SKU 300362

These lines are to replace the typical high mileage expensive leaky oem hpop lines that have the ford stc fittings. Kit comes with two hoses and all necessary fittings to eliminate the quick connect fittings (stc) on the heads and the hpop itself. Hoses are up-sized to 3/8″, using top of the line aeroquip hose utilizing dupont teflon lining with a burst pressure rating of 16,000psi and working temperature rating of 400*f. Nominal working pressure is 5000psi @ 72*f and 3000psi @ 400*f (if your engine oil is this hot, you have bigger issues to worry about)

The hpx line connects the two heads to help balance the high pressure oil system in each head. It does not create more horsepower, but the majority of owners see a slight to significant decrease in engine idle noise. This is due to the heimholtz resonance that is created from the injectors firing so quickly, and the hpop cannot react quick enough to balance/absorb on its own from back pressure spikes within the system. So when the tiny spikes happen, the hpx line sends the pressure back and forth through the heads instead of hammering on the pump itself.