6.4 Powerstroke Parts

SCT 7015 X4 Power Flash Programmer

The SCT 7015 X4 Power Flash Programmer provides your 1999-2016 Ford 7.3L/6.0L/6.4L/6.7L Powerstroke with pre-loaded, dyno-proven power! From the factory, your vehicles computer is calibrated for the masses, designed with... Learn More

EDGE 86100 Insight Pro CTS2

*Does not ship to California.* The Edge Products 86100 Insight Pro CTS2 provides your 2003-2016 Ford 6.0L/6.4L/6.7L Powerstroke with the industry leading, best-in-class digital gauge display, that doubles as a flash... Learn More

Odawgs Diesel Stage 3r Intake Manifold - 6.4 Powerstroke

The 6.4L Power Stroke is known for having air restrictions that can seriously limit it’s power potential. Upgrading the turbo’s is a great first step, but all that new air... Learn More

SCT 5015P Livewire TS+ Performance Programmer

*Does not ship to California.* The SCT 5015P Livewire TS+ Performance Programmer is a performance upgrade and monitor all in one for your 1999-2016 Ford Powerstroke. From the factory, your... Learn More


The heads start off as new heavy duty castings, thicker than original equipment, then they go through a meticulous inspection process prior to machining. They are machined to our exacting,... Learn More

Kill Devil Diesel Performance Push Rods 6.0 & 6.4

Upgraded Pushrods for the 6.0 and 6.4 Powerstroke. These are slightly shorter than the size that comes in the 6.0s. Upgraded performance Learn More

6.0 & 6.4 BD Power 1041480 Exhaust Manifold Set

The BD-Power 1041480 Exhaust Manifolds are a must have for your 03-07 Ford 6.0L Powerstroke. Designed as a bolt-in replacement, these will replace your old, leaky and rusted exhaust manifolds... Learn More

EZ LYNK Auto agent 2.0 Programmer

*Does not ship to California.* The EZ LYNK AutoAgent 2.0 features EZ LYNK's unique cloud based technology to give you the ultimate in diagnostics and control of your vehicle. Through the... Learn More

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