6.0 Powerstroke Performance Parts

6.0 Odawg Stage 3r Intake Manifold

6.0 Odawg Stage 3r Intake Manifold

Are you looking for quicker spool up, cooler egts, and more power.  Then you NEED THIS.  The new S3r Intake from Odawg Diesel.  They have increased the efficiency of the... Learn More

6.0 No Limit PowerStroke Cold Air Intake

This No Limit open intake system is the biggest 6.0 Powerstroke intake on the market and also features the biggest filter. It includes mass air flow mount, filter minder port,... Learn More

6.0 Odawg Stage 2r Intake Manifold

The 6.0L Power Stroke is known for having air restrictions that can seriously limit it’s power potential. Upgrading the turbo is a great first step, but all that new air... Learn More

6.0 AIRDOG II-4G DF-165-4G 165gph Fuel System

The PureFlow AirDog II-4G A6SABF493 DF-165-4G Air/Fuel Separation System for your 2003-2007 Ford 6.0L Powerstroke is the next generation in the fuel delivery system, resulting in a long lasting, efficient... Learn More

XDP Fuel Tank Sump Universal

The XDP Fuel Tank Sump XD182 is the perfect solution for those wanting to maximize fuel delivery to their engine. This “One Hole Design” Fuel Tank Sump is easier to... Learn More

6.0 Powerstroke Kill Devil Diesel Cylinder Head Set

NOTE: 7-14 business day lead time before these will ship   The heads start off as new heavy duty castings, thicker than original equipment, then they go through a meticulous... Learn More

6.0 High Pressure Oil Pump (Stage 1)

2003-2004 Product Specs: Exceeds OEM volume and pressure. These pumps go through rigorous bench testing and if they do not meet our standards these pumps are torn back down and... Learn More

6.0 High Pressure Oil Pump (Stage 2)

2003-2004 This is our mild performance pump, and will outperform our Stage 1 pump by about 18-20% flow volume. Outfitted with a new upgraded housing that cures the infamous "back... Learn More


NOTE: 7-14 business day lead time before these will ship   KDD Aluminum 6.0 Powerstroke Heads, as casted over a 20% improvement in airflow over iron heads, drop 85 lbs... Learn More

6.0 Colt Cam Kit

Comes with a new billet Colt cam, new OE lifters, OE lifter guides and ARP crank hub bolts. You can select a stage 1 Colt cam or a stage 2... Learn More