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7.3 Turbo dyno stage 1.5 KC turbos comparison

Stage 1.5 Dynos

We have been doing a lot of dyno testing over the last few weeks on our new 7.3 turbo designs that will be coming out soon. The results are impressive and we are only going to showcase our 2 favorite versions so far. You will see in the dyno graphs that we also ran a stock OEM turbo and Garrett ball bearing gtp38r all with 180/30 injectors.
Big shout out to Full Force Diesel Performance Inc. with all their help on this project so far, their injectors have been flawless!
Mods 180/30 FF inj, CNC Fabrication, LLC S2 hpop, 4 line feed kit, walbro fuel pump, BHAF air filter. For anyone wondering… the 180/30 would not hold 3000 ICP above a 3.7ms tune. The 4.2ms tunes and 5.6ms tunes dropped all the way down 2300psi. Truck still made plenty of power… but not reaching its potential because of ICP issues.

Stock Turbo: Blue- 390hp and 840tq

Gtp38r: Red-  438hp and 938tq

63/68/.84: Green- 445tq 967tq

63/73/.84: Orange- 471hp 1046tq
You can see from the dyno graphs that our 2 new turbos spool faster, make more peak tq, and more peak hp… while making more boost and cooler egts. This becomes even more obvious when driving the truck around town and towing with it. Our new turbos blow the 38r out of the water in every single way… and these are journal bearing turbos. The magic comes from our new s300 style turbine wheel designs and BW 7x7 compressor wheels.

kc turbos powerstroke dino test



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